Monday, March 22, 2010

The story so far...

Here are copies of my Facebook entries about my broken neck right from my first one. This was posted the day I got home from hospital :

1. Wednesday 17 March (NZ time)

Oh crap! I broke my neck.
Last Tuesday I went over the bike handlebars on away road and landed right on my head. I've got C1 and c2 fractures – they say it's the "hangman's fracture" which sounds great (not!). I had 4 days in traction and I got a halo brace on Monday 15th Yes! 4 pins right into my skull and a plastic jacket. See the photos for my new look comin n goin.

Home from hospital now in the brace (paralysis ? my hands and feet feel weird sometimes – Docs say they'll watch this.)

If I do the full time the Doc says, this wil take me thru to at least to 14 June, and maybe July.

Definitely the worst thing Ive had to face in my life so far.

2. Later that day, Wednesday 17 March (NZ time)

Breaking my neck is a disaster for me on so many different levels; I don't know how I'm going to survive the next few months.

I wish I could hide out while I'm in the halo but I really need to keep working - I have a great role in my dream project. I know Ill have to miss the fun part – health & safety rules mean no on-site meetings for me. No way to get a hard hat on!

I'm looking for advice about halo life from all you survivors:
1,I feel so embarrassed – is it OK to walk round town like this? How much hassles will I get?
2, Does anyone know- will I be able to work? (this is Architecture office work: computer, meetings).The pain's getting less but I'm so tired and crampy.
3, Should I meet work supliers n clients or will it just be too embarrassing for all of us?
4, I guess I'm going to start to smell? Should I get my head shaved?
5, I've been living out of town and commuting by motorbike. I'll now have to take a bus to get to work and then 1 to get to college. Buses are pretty bouncy and jarring. Will I be able to ride a bus in a halo without jarring the pins?
6, I had a great visit arranged in Auckland (1 hour flight). Will I be allowed to fly alone?

3. Friday 19 March (NZ time)

Mood= looking forward to the weekend but scared sh*tless
Weve got brilliant tix for the ArtsFest closing weekend and I don't want to miss anything. But it's really the first time Ill be out in public since the accident & Im freaking out. Please say hi and Kia kaha if you see me there XXX Aden

4. Early Sat morning (NZ time)

Mood: great! Home early (12.29am) but I had a brill night out. Not too much probs with my neck.

5. Early Sunday morning (NZ time)

Mood= worried. A FOAF is a detective. He's warned me not too share too much location info. Apparently theres crim types who heavy accident victims- we're easy targets cause we're distinctive and easy to mug or intimidate for meds. I'm following his PRECAUTIONS 1. I have nothing really good, and don't think I could get it 2. I'll now only carry 1 dose ever 3. No bulk prescriptions in our flat. 4. Less personal info sorry.

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  1. Don't let the halo slow you down. I had one on for twenty weeks. I could perform office work from home, but was not able to see clients. I had my head shaved to help stay clean on cool. They are very hot! My wife had several t-shirts cut straight up the back with velcro closures, she would slide up under the front and work it around tom the back and close it. They worked really good. You'll get alot of funny looks and can scare small children when out in public, but you have to get out.

    Work hard in rehab and you will see results. They are slow to come but worth the effort. I have paralysis in one leg and both hands. The hands are comming around good, the leg will take years. Hang in there and best of luck!